The results of AMS Metrics application have been benchmarked with the research panels existing in the media market.

They include:

1. Market Interactiv Research Institute (IIBR) studies

2. Polish Outdoor Research (PBO data for AMS system)

As part of Market Interactiv Research Institute studies, AMS Metrics 3+ reach results were compared with the Recognition ratios achieved in the assessed campaigns. As it turned out, the majority of campaigns with 3+ reach ratio in AMS Metrics at the level of 30–35% (and above), achieve high results of the ratios measuring a proven recognition of a presented poster.

As part of PBO-AMS, the AMS Metrics contact values were compared to the OOH audience research conducted by PBO in cooperation with SMG/KRC (OVIM methodology). AMS Metrics determines the number of contacts at a substantially lower level than PBO results (BB12 system at AMS), which confirms the assumptions made to determine reach and audience for OOH media in AMS Metrics model are very conservative.