Central Statistical Office (GUS)

AMS Metrics uses information on city populations based on GUS data as of 30th of June 2014


Urban Transport Chamber of Commerce (IGKM)

Members of the Chamber are mainly carriers and passenger organizers in cities, regardless of the form of organization (budgetary establishments, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies). The Board also includes the manufacture of rolling stock, repair, research institutions and other companies that provide services to public transport. In total, the Chamber is affiliated to more than 210 members. More: www.igkm.pl

Outdoor Advertising Chamber of Commerce (IGRZ)

Outdoor Advertising Chamber of Commerce is an organization for outdoor advertising operators. More: www.igrz.com.pl

Transportation Engineering Office (BIT):

BIT is a registered partnership conducting the measurements associated with the traffic volume. It employs the engineers – designers and operators specializing in using professional designing procedures in four offices:

  • Road and street design;
  • Transportation network planning and simulations;
  • Traffic engineering;
  • Traffic measurements and surveys.

For more information look at: www.bit-poznan.pl

Traffic measurements conducted over a number of years enabled to determine the basic mobility ratios of residents of the Polish cities. AMS Metrics takes into consideration such ratios as: average number of trips, average distance of a trip in kilometers, seasonality of the traffic volume. These ratios are not subject to rapid changes in comparison to traffic volume on specific street sections. The values of the ratios were generated in 2011 based on trends and changes in traffic over the previous ten years.